Who Tall Are You? Mirror

Posted: May 26, 2012
Who Tall Are You? Mirror

On the one hand, we look at people like Robert DeNiro and Johnny Depp and envy their posh celebrity lives. But on the other, we look at the Who Tall Are You? Mirror and wonder how the H-E double hockey sticks they get so much respect and ass. And, in the cases of Danny Devito and Lil' Kim, how they see over the steering wheel. Who Tall Are You? No, it's not a typo, it's another fun, sometimes-bolstering, sometimes-deflating way to compare ourselves to celebrities. For example, you may be the precise height required to Eskimo kiss Anna Kournikova, who is 5'8". Sweet. Put that in your pocket and carry it around for the day. But, if you're in a room with 6'4" Hasselhoff after he's had a few, you're kissing his Adam's apple. Or left nipple.

From contemporary pop culture phenoms to historical world leaders and political figures, the Who Tall Are You? Mirror gives everyone the chance to see how their physical presence measures up to the people they revere, despise, and lust after on screen, and in the pages of books. 120 celebrities populate the looking glass, from Edith Piaf (4'8") and Dr. Ruth (4'9") at the bottom, to Dolph Lundgren (6'5") and Hulk Hogan (6'7") at the top.

Attention, Suck UK. In the next mirror installment, we'd like to see the additions of Peter Dinklage (to feel better) and Jason Momoa (to feel instantly worse).

Note: the Who Tall Are You? Mirror's celebrity height measurements are in centimeters.

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