Vintage Star Wars Displays

Posted: March 04, 2018
Vintage Star Wars Displays
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These Vintage Star Wars Displays began as a personal project for creator Lloyd, himself a Star Wars fan looking for a way to show off his Star Wars collectibles and props. He made 4 to start, 9" x 9" backings with arrangements of screen-used props, set decoration swatches, film location elements, vintage Kenner action figures, Micro Machines, original Topps trading cards, and first-run 35mm film, all set in a 10" shadowbox frame. Then he hung them up. Then other people saw them. And a business was born.

Today's Faraway Vintage collection represents Lloyd's first 7 Star Wars shadowbox designs, though each is unique, and he'll accept custom design requests if you have any. The pieces in the image above are Where has R2D2 Gone? and Stormtroopers Guard Solo's Ship.

In the latter, you see vintage Kenner Han Solo and Chewie on the left and right sides, along with some metal sections of the Death Star II. The included film strip, a first-run 35mm, shows the Millennium Falcon in action. Additional components include a scaled-down Falcon, a Mos Espa awning swatch, Dune Sea sand, Jabba's sail barge fabric, a Slave Quarters scrap, an original Topps trading card, Princess Leia, and vaporator fragments.

Vintage Star Wars displays would make a pretty awesome Star Wars gift for the biggest (and wealthiest) of series fans.

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