Velvet Potato Pillow

Posted: February 13, 2023
Velvet Potato Pillow
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It's the most expensive, yet also the most cuddly, potato you'll ever own. Krystyna Dulinska's Velvet Potato Pillow might be the best potato gift I've seen since the Potato Parcel, whose cost and cuddliness are also up there. Well, the latter presuming you get a face you like printed on the potato, such as your significant other's, your dog's, or the now-single Gisele Bundchen's.

But where the Velvet Potato Pillow lacks in human visage, it more than makes up for in soft, smooth squishiness, and an XXL size. The fuzzy potato measures in at 20" long x 13" wide, but thanks to a polyester rather than a dense starch filling, it probably weighs only a pound or two.

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