Umbra Glo Picture Frame

Posted: February 24, 2021
Umbra Glo Picture Frame
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Guess who wants an Umbra Glo Frame to display lovey photos, adorbs snaps of my cat being adorbs, and wish-I-were-there trip pics for his birthday? Not this dude. Probably not you dudes either. By my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, has the big day of birth coming up, and I thought the halo glow emanating from the LEDs lining Umbra's glass photo frame would be a good gift choice. I'll put a picture of She-Ra and our cat, Zanzibar, in it and make an angelic display of my two angels for her desktop.

Haha, sike! again. Zanzibar is an a-hole devil, and She-Ra isn't the type of lady who wants to gaze lovingly at photos of herself all day. She wants to gaze lovingly at photos of me! So the Umbra Glo Frame will be fitted and presented with a selfie of me. Maybe just one specific part of me. Yeah, I think so. That's how you make a picture frame that glows really shine.

Those of you who want to go one step further on your ladies' (or dudes') special days might also consider one of these 3D replica "selfies" from Musch Musch.

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