TRON Flynn Lives Printed Circuit Board

Posted: August 22, 2013
TRON Flynn Lives Printed Circuit Board
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By day, Taylor John Brooks constructs PCBs to make a living. By night, he constructs PCBs to make all TRON fans think he is a pimp daddy of ENCOM proportions, second only to his depicted subject matter, Kevin Flynn.

Flynn's face--and Flynn's ARG die hards' battle cry--bedeck a real printed circuit board. Now Flynn not only lives but, as Brooks points out, is also "one with the system!" The PCB artwork serves as artwork alone, and measures 5" x 7", or just the right size for me to install it in front of my strobing blue LED desk lamp.

Brooks plans to tackle recognizer and light cycle PCBs next, and also accepts buyer input and ideas for new pieces.

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