Travis Barker Skull Bowl

Posted: April 24, 2022
Travis Barker Skull Bowl
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The Skull Bowl is part of Buster + Punch's Travis Barker Collaboration, a collection that also includes candlesticks, cabinet knobs, door stops, drum keys, and pendants. All skulls. All day long. All too available in brass or steel, and accented with "tattoos" of "B+P & TB" insignias.

As for the Skull Bowl I'm featuring, now here's a candy bowl for Halloween. Or the Dove chocolate squares my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power likes to leave on the coffee table to taunt me. She says they're called Dove Promises, and for every one I eat, I will owe her a promise of her choosing. Pssshhh. Like I care enough about a hunk of chocolate to risk owing an unknown and ominous promise to my wife.

But just to be safe, and to remind me of the potential consequences of consumption when I am drunk and / or high, best to keep the Dove Promises in a Travis Barker Skull bowl that really captures the sentiment.

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