The Vast Land Incense Burner Lamp

Posted: November 08, 2022
The Vast Land Incense Burner Lamp
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The Vast Land Incense Burner Lamp is supposed to be a great companion for yoga or meditation, but looking at it kinda brings me the opposite of relaxation and peace. That lone figure walking along a barren terrain of colorless rock formations accented by smoke, ash, and the scent of patchouli? Yeek. All that makes me think of is the future of Earth and hippies covering up their body odor.

Both of which stir up nothing but anxiety.

And it's election day on top of it.

You dudes enjoy the Vast Land of the incense burner lamp. I'm going back to bed and settling into the Vast Land of my dreams of crystal blue summer lakes surrounded by pine trees, all you can eat pie buffets, and Kelly LeBrock circa her Weird Science days.

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