The Colors of Motion - Condensed Movie Frame Prints

Posted: April 27, 2018
The Colors of Motion - Condensed Movie Frame Prints
$18 - $100
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Movie buffs and film fans, how do you feel about abstract art? The Colors of Motion, conceived and developed by Charlie Clark, is a series of poster prints that condenses the colors of your favorite flicks into a stack of hued bands reminiscent of what my TV used to look like when I tried to watch the nudie cable channels without subscribing (even without the subscription I got full sound!)

Clark's Colors of Motion method is to extract frames of each movie at regular intervals, the latter based on the movie's total runtime. For example, a 90-minute film will have a frame extracted about once every 10 seconds. From there, they calculate the average color of each frame, and then stack them in chronological order as the thin bars you see before you.

Clark does note the Colors of Motion extraction process is automated - he uses "a bunch of node script" to extract the frame data.

The Colors of Motion prints come in a couple of different sizes and finishes, as well as framed and unframed. Clark has made posters of several dozen films already, which you can view on The Colors of Motion website. He'll also gladly accept film requests, or make a piece of art out of your own home movie.

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