Supernet - Hardened Basketball Net Waste Basket

Posted: January 20, 2021
Supernet - Hardened Basketball Net Waste Basket
$140 - $180
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Used Kleenex, crumpled burrito wrappers, flailing banana peels - nothin' but Supernet.

Supernet is a waste basket not just for sports fans, but anyone who's ever tried to swish the shot with a piece of trash. In other words, Supernet is a waste basket for pretty much everyone. Made of resin and fiber, Supernets are hardened and dipped from the mold of a real basketball net. The resultant hyperboloid shape is actually very trash can-friendly in function, with the addition of a clear PET insert ensuring your trash goes into, but not through this bucket.

Supernet is the brainchild of designer Harry Allen, best known for his Bank in the form of a Pig, a piggy bank that, like the basketball net waste basket, was also cast from its corresponding real thing. Supernet seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through February 11, 2021 Backers will have the choice of a white, silver, or gold Supernet for $140 to $180. Those up for splurging on their favorite basketball team's colors will need to sink a $500 wad through the Supernet.

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