Sumo Wrestler Table

Posted: April 30, 2012
Sumo Wrestler Table
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Some things are a matter of taste. This coffee table is a matter of being able to mentally record the face on every person who walks into your living room and identifiesvases, remotes, and crusty dishes from 3 nights ago are being held aloft by a sumo wrestler named Basho. Taken from the Japanese word for tournament, Basho is the solution to all home furnishing conundrums. He's simultaneously slapstick and sophisticated. A utilitarian piece if eye candy. Reverentially ritualistic in his Land of the Rising Sun pose, yet slightly offensive topped with glass, and used to provide easy access to common household items. Best of all, Basho may be the only coffee table ever made that will both exhibit fine taste to your new girfriend, and intimidate the shit out of her nippy little bitchass pug.

Coffee table Basho is cast in designer resin and then handpainted. His glass top is 3/8" thick, pencil-edged, and round tempered for pleasing 360-degree mug, thigh, and ass views. Dimensions are 18" high and 27" in diameter. The Sumo mawashi (belt), stance, and intricately sculpted musculature smack of authenticity. Basho's 38-pound weight, however, does not.

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