Strong Man Mirror

Posted: January 31, 2014
Strong Man Mirror
  • Strong Man Mirror
  • Strong Man Mirror
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Before you even say it, I agree. $12 grand for the M8, Ron Gilad's "little burly imp" in his IX Mirrors Series?! That's ridiculous! You could make almost the same mirror for a fraction of the cost! Like I said, I agree. So...uh...who wants to make me a strong man mirror for a fraction of the cost? Say the fraction of 1/100?

Crickets? Really?

Fine. I'll get my mama to do it.

Using one of his trademark techniques, New York-based designer's Ron Gilad adds whimsy and metaphor to his M8 without sacrificing the piece's functionality as a mirror. Throughout the IX Mirrors Series Gilad presents these encouragers of vanity not as "mere surfaces to replicate our exterior selves," but objects of art that "possess an inner life that inspires us to to look beyond our own reflections." In this case, right into the eyes of a tiny naked Hercules.

The M8 is a handcrafted full-length mirror framed in wood and part of an edition of 20.

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