Star Wars Rugs

Posted: November 27, 2020
Star Wars Rugs
$108 - $729
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This collection of Star Wars Rugs from Ruggable is...illuminating. I mean, the Dark side in black-and-white damask. TIE Fighters in abstract houndstooth. The Empire Strikes Back in blue toile! I'm finally starting to understand how ladies get so swept away with home decor, and how they are able to spend 17 hours in furniture stores they've dragged me to, and how when I suggest it's maybe time to go, they snap at me to "stop whining, and just go sit on one of the innumerable cushy couches or recliners here that are 10 times better than any we have at home, and play games or doom scroll on your phone 'til I'm done!"

The perfect gift for the geek in the family (i.e., Dad) that won't offend the non-geeks (i.e., Mom), Star Wars Rugs come in about a dozen different stunning designs and color schemes featuring beloved characters, vehicles, and scenes from the movies. You can also Star Wars Rug your room out in a variety of sizes, and rectangular or round shapes available for each design.

Muchas danke to the incomparable Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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