Skull Door Knocker

Posted: April 26, 2021
Skull Door Knocker
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Skull, skull, skullin' on heaven's door! ... By the power of the Gray Skull, I am a guest in your ho- ow! It bit me! You skuller f**ker! ... Knock, knock. Who's there? Dead guy. Dead guy who? Dude, you're the one who had his skull cast in aluminum and hung on your door as a knocker, you should at least know his name!

This skull-cial delivery comes from Etsy shop Skulls 4 All, and measures 7" x 5" x 4". The skull has been sliced vertically to flatten its back side so it lays nice against your door, and provides the perfect range of motion for its mandible to rap, rap, rap and let you know one of the 7,000 delivery people who now visit your house has dropped off your groceries / toilet paper / dinner / new bedroom set / case of whiskey.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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