Skull Chandelier

Posted: October 27, 2018
Skull Chandelier
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Here's a nifty chandelier, alight with skulls glowing from the inside, plus lobotomized with more candle-like illumination on the out. According to seller Skeletons & More, each of the 5 dead heads are also scaled life-size. Halloween might be wrapping up next week, but given the chandelier's classic position above the dining room table, I think this could be a terrific piece of mood lighting for Thanksgiving dinner.

Especially if you've been strong-armed by your in-laws into hosting this year. Ask and ye shall receive, Mr. and Mrs. She-Ra: Princess of Power.

The creepy chando has a diameter of 25" (measuring from skull nose to skull nose) and a height of 17". The included chain adds another 12" of dangle to that. Inside the skulls, which are clear to maximize glow, are 7-watt amber bulbs, which you can swap out for other colors - white, red, blue, whatever ambience you want to share with your guests besides a quintet of gaping-jawed skulls staring down at them in horror. The candle bulbs on top of the skull chandelier are 3-watt flicker bulbs.

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