Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover

Posted: April 26, 2020
Shipping Container Tissue Box Holder
$33 - $39
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I choose a Maersk Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover for the safe transport of my Kleenex from the bathroom to the couch, where my spring allergies are killing me - killing me! - this year. I don't even leave my house and I sneeze like a pug in a field of dandelions.

I feel like it's karma too. I never had allergies as a kid. Never even needed to wipe or blow my nose unless I was legit sick, and when I'd see the snifflers with red eyes and crusty nostrils at school, I'd be all Haha, poor bastards. Not genetically gifted like I am. But then I moved to a new climate. And turned 40. And everything went to hell in a handbasket, and sonofasneeze if I'm not now one of the Allergy Kids.

At least I look cool snotting and eye-gooing up piles of Kleenex with my trusty rusty red Danish-branded shipping container tissue box cover.

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