Secret Passage Floor Decal

Posted: July 17, 2012
Secret Passage Floor Decal - Blue
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It's a staircase, Zelda-style. As in 2D, not as in will take you directly to Level 7. Sorry. James Bit, creator of Legend of Zelda Fireplace Art, has returned with a new nod to video games of yore. The Secret Passage Floor Decal adheres securely to hard surfaces on its bottom, and resists fading and wear from cleaning chemicals and overexcited Roombas on its vinyl top. Available in either Desert Sand or Dungeon Blue, the simple but wistful stick 'ems will join forces with the fire print and Zelda key hook to further our clandestine quest of transforming our living rooms from Froofy Wifeland to Hyrule.

Secret Passage Decals measure 18" x 18", and are both slip- and scuff-resistant. And not that you would ever want to remove it ever, but if someone else were to do so for some ungodly reason, the decal will peel off without leaving residue or damaging the floor.

Thanks both to James Bit and Justin H. for writing to us with the Secret Passage Floor Decal product suggestion.

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