Santaur Ornament

Posted: December 05, 2014
Santaur Ornament
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Looks like the reindeer are out of a job. Santaur can fly his own damn sleigh, what with this new quad of furry legs and a pile of Greek mythology backing him now. Also new to the Santa Claus table: guns and a 6-pack. Dude finally looks ready to trade in the 5-year-old lap sitters for the 35-year-old MILF lap siters. I hear he's hung like a horse too, ladies.

Santaur, in the running for Most F'd Up Christmas Tree Ornament of 2014, stands 6" tall and is made of glass. Due to the Dr. Frankenstein procedures he has undergone, this Claus can also stand on its own, as your holiday dinner centerpiece, in addition to dangling from the evergreen.

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