Santa Frozen in Carbonite Christmas Ornament

Posted: November 15, 2022
Santa Frozen in Carbonite Christmas Ornament
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Ho, ho, h-oh no! Santa Claus has gotten himself into a Carbonite pickle! He might survive as Han Solo did, but wasn't Han also frozen up in the stuff for, like, a year? Bad news, kids. I wouldn't waste my time with cookies and chimney cleaning for the jolly fat man this Christmas. Try again in 2023.

On the upside, hey parents! Here's a Santa Frozen in Carbonite Christmas Ornament you can use as a prop to explain why Santa won't be bringing gifts this year. Get a Darth Vader figurine - or maybe just the Darth Vader Clapper - to help too. Then you can call the Santa Frozen in Carbonite Ornament "Presents and General Holiday Cheer," and Darth Vader "The Stock Market, the Recession, and the Global Economy." Tell them just like in the movie, the evil latter attacked the former, and froze it. But don't worry, it's not dead, just out of commission, hopefully for no more than a year.

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