RiserArt Adhesive Stairway Decor

Posted: February 26, 2019
RiserArt Adhesive Stairway Decor
$82 - $109
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"At last," RiserArt says, "a way to make your stairway beautiful!" And, I'd add, a way to make sure me and my inferior depth perception trip up the steps at least 3 times as often.

Some of the RiserArt scenes sure are purdy though, and if you're hunting for housewarming gifts, any of the sets of adhesive vinyl panels would make a standout selection. Most stairway enhancers are photographs of nature or other outdoor sites, but RiserArt also has some mosaic panels that create an artful effect without building into a single scene and optical illusion.

RiserArt panels should be easy to install / remove and won't damage your stairway. They come in various quantities and widths, and you can trim them to fit if your individual risers are in between widths, or don't have a code-perfect 7" height.

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