Real Partial T-Rex Skeleton

Posted: June 09, 2016
Real Partial T-Rex Skeleton
$2.39 million
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Meet Roosevelt. Your new pet T-Rex. Sure, he passed away a little while ago, and his remains have kinda been Frankensteined together from 3 different specimens, and his skeleton and skull are still only about 45% complete--oh, and he costs almost $2.4 million--but...come on. Roosevelt is like the dog at the pound. You go in "just to look." To appease your girlfriend. You insist you're not getting one. And then. You fall in love. You can't leave without him.

Roosevelt is ready to go to a loving, and incredibly wealthy, home thanks to Theropoda Expeditions, a commercial paleontological company that digs and assembles museum quality fossil specimens for both public and private purchasers. Roosevelt's discovery and recovery began in 2008 when Clayton Phipps found the initial T-Rex remains on his cousin's private ranch in Montana. In took until 2013 to dig out all of them, and Theropoda has arranged those bones here into part of Roosevelt's axial skeleton and pelvic area.

Also in 2013, Phipps found another partial Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton on another private Montana ranch. These bones complete Roosevelt's axial skeleton. His skull hails from remains dug up in Wyoming, as do some cervical ribs and vertebra portions of his hind legs. Theropoda Expeditions brought him to his current state in 2015, assembling and securing the bones on a custom steel armature.

Obviously life-size, Roosevelt stands 12' high, extends 38' long, and has an imposing 10' breadth.

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