PyroPet Reindeer Candle

Posted: November 28, 2015
Reindeer PyroPet Candle
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Rudolph the white-nosed reindeer / Had a very waxen face / And the next time you see it / I'll have melted it away. All of the other reindeer / Will tremble inside their own skin / As I set a match to Rudolph / And burn him to a skeleton!

I've already thanked Thorunn Arnadottir for creating PyroPet Kisas ("cat" in her native Icelandic), but I have to give her even more props now for taking the animal candles that slowly melt down to skeletons as the flames eat away their flesh and adding a big dollop of Christmas spirit to them. Nicely done, Ms. Arnadottir. Like the PyroPet cats (and birds and rabbits) PyroPet Rudolph (or Dyri--Icelandic for "reindeer") begins as a geometric sleigh driver with a protruding wick between his antlers. Once lit, the morbidity sets in, with his melting action slowly revealing an aluminum skeleton embedded inside the sculpted paraffin wax.

Now melty Rudolph is cool and all, but I think PyroPet could really capitalize on holiday cheer meets dark humor with a Frosty the Snowman version of their skeletal candle. Maybe next year.

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