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Posted: February 23, 2018
Pixel Art Breaking Bad Print
$24 - $45
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Illustrator Gustavo Viselner applies his pixel art talents to pop culture in this nifty series of movie and TV show prints. From Superbad to Breaking Bad, Star Wars to Stranger Things, the posters take scenes from both classics and new hits, and turn them into into quirky pixelated display pieces.

I especially like how Viselner's print of Jon Snow staying behind to fight the entire Army of the Dead by himself while he tells Dany to "Go now! Leave!" manages to capture the brooding in his face in, like, 10 pixels. These pixel art prints certainly have a feeling of well-crafted nostalgia that makes me want to grab a Nintendo controller and start flying the pixelated dragon for myself. They're like a better rendered version of Kings Quest.

Pixel Art Prints condense pop culture into a range of landscape and portrait sizes. All posters are Viselner's original work, and if you want a scene you don't see in the collection already, he'll create custom illustrations upon request (though he seems to have an uncanny ability to pick some of the better scenes from each respective show or flick). All posters ship without frames.

Pixel Art Jon Snow Print

Game of Thrones Pixel Art$45 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Stranger Things Print

Pixel Art Stranger Things Print$40 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Star Wars Poster

Pixel Art Star Wars Poster$24 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Married with Children Print

Pixel Art Married with Children Print$30 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Superbad Poster

Pixel Art Superbad Poster$24 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Forrest Gump Poster

Pixel Art Forrest Gump Poster$24 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Breaking Bad Print

Pixel Art Breaking Bad Print$30 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Inglourious Basterds Poster

Pixel Art Inglourious Basterds Poster$24 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Princess Bride Poster

Pixel Art Princess Bride Poster$24 - Buy Now ➤➤

Pixel Art Seinfeld Print

Pixel Art Seinfeld Print$30 - Buy Now ➤➤
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