Personalized Book Sculptures

Posted: May 12, 2018
Personalized Book Sculptures
$26.63 - $64.46
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Hey, that's not how I expected to see my name in the pages of a book. How'd they do that? Book Art 88 creates personalized book sculptures - and redefines the practice of carving initials into a tree - by whittling out chunks from the vertical ends of book leaves in the shapes of names, initials, important dates, and everyone's favorite C + T-style inscriptions.

As we move into the time of year that you'll need a gift for Dad, gifts for grads, wedding gifts, and maybe the odd milestone birthday gift or two, I think handing over the fore edge (yes, that's the official term for the word nerds out there) of a book carved with love just for the one you do is a pretty thoughtful move. Even if all your recipient does is sit it down and let it collect dust on a shelf.

And if you have a few thousand more dollars, you can wrap up an even more elaborate piece of literary art with these book sculptures.

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