Patriots Being Badass Prints

Posted: July 05, 2012
Paul Revere's Midnight Ride on a Tron Light Cycle
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These patriots heard the battle cry of Team America, and hollered back an even louder Fuck Yeah! From Paul Revere's Midnight Ride on a Tron Light Cycle to Abe Lincoln wielding an M16 and giddy-upping on a grizzly bear to George Washington annihilating zombies with the same vigor he used to axe the cherry tree, Jason Heuser's 11 x 17 prints of America's badasses throwing down spectacles of badassery make me especially proud to have emerged from my mama's womb on United States soil.

All scenes are printed on 80 lb high gloss paper, and signed by Heuser. Some online photos have URL text in the prints' bottom corners, which will not appear on hard copies. All 11 x 17 prints are also available in larger sizes, mainly 24 x 36 dimensions for $80. Check out Heuser's complete collection of history's finest upping the ante as superheroes, vigilantes, and The One. In addition to those mentioned above, depictions include:

  • Benjamin Franklin lightning-fighting Zeus.
  • Andrew Jackson, armed with a pulse rifle, schlepping an alien head.
  • Ronald Reagan firing a machine gun from atop a harnessed velociraptor.
  • Teddy Roosevelt opening fire on Bigfoot.
  • Abe Lincoln posing as Neo in a redone Matrix: Reloaded poster.

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