Outdoor Boulder Cushions

Posted: January 29, 2012
Outdoor Boulder Cushions
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Ronel Jordaan and her estrogen-driven staff hand spin these near optical illusions from 100% Merino wool. The strikingly realistic woolen mammoths epitomize haute minimalist design, with the unexpected perk of being plush and pleasant to plant one's ass on during the stuffy garden parties they're likely to populate. Resin treatments make them safe for installation outdoors, where they will nicely complement contemporary patio designs, serve as lawn seating adjacent to VW Camper Tents, and provide cover for Combat Garden Gnomes in action. The boulder cushions come in 6 different sizes. The smallest are mere pebbles at 12" in diameter, and 8" high ($210 apiece). The largest would probably kill you during an avalanche, despite being made of a soft natural fiber, at 70" in diameter, and 24" high ($4,200 apiece). The price listed above is for a mid-size model, 18" in diameter, and 12" high. Colors available include cream, light gray, medium gray, dark gray, and charcoal.

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