Octopus Banana Rug

Posted: January 05, 2023
Octopus Banana Rug
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My doomsday prediction for 2023: the Octopus Bananas will come for us! And since we'll all be dead or enslaved, and unable to get merch and gear to remember it by, here's an Octopus Banana Rug you can buy before the Octo-Banana-pocalypse. A festive, pop-art-styled souvenir of the event to enjoy before the event itself wipes us all off the face of the Earth!

The Octopus Banana Rug is a fantastic hand-tufted piece from Ornn Works. It is made of acrylic and cotton rope and an imagination ChatGPT will surely dissect and copy the minute it sees the rug on these pages.

Yeah, ChatGPT follows the Dude. How do you think it got so clever?

At 35" x 22.6", I'd say the Octopus Banana Rug would make a great welcome mat, but if you love it as much as I do, you're definitely not going to want the likes of your in-laws and your friend Cornelius wiping their feet on it. Maybe just lay the rug on the floor next to your bed instead. That way it stays relatively clean, and gives you the joy of having the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see at night an Octopus Banana.

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