Myconos Levitating Firestone

Posted: August 03, 2022
$183 - $241
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A little floating fire with a bioethanol flame blazing from a stone center. That sounds...well, it actually sounds about as safe as candles, incense, and tabletop fireplaces. And since the Myconos Levitating Firestone is appealing to the same demographic of yoga people, meditation people, and dudes seeking gifts for their girlfriends, I guess I don't have any more effusive cynical remarks about how it will probably burn your house down than I do for any of those other open-flame mindfulness accessories and pieces of home decor.

The Myconos Levitating Firestone is made of natural marble, with a stainless steel container for the bioethanol fuel it burns. Like most levitation gadgets, it uses magnets between the base and smaller upper stone to create the floating and turning effect. Once suspended, the press of a control button generates a spark, and activates a fuel nozzle, which sprays a stream of the bioethanol onto the stone to ignite it. As the stone rotates, the fuel burns evenly over its surface.

The Myconos Levitating Firestone is available in 3 marble models of varying colors and patterns. If you dig it, pledge for one here on Kickstarter through August 6, 2022.

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