Metal Handsaw Art

Posted: June 26, 2021
Metal Handsaw Art
$90 - $360
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Cindy Chinn didn't hand-saw these handsaws into the stunning scenes and pieces of art you see here, but she did hand-cut them with a plasma torch. And, from cowboys to emus, fishermen to Bigfoot, her technique is definitely the most skilled thing I've ever seen done with a rusty blade.

Chinn uses vintage metal handsaws in her pieces, giving each one its unique, rustic look and earthy tones. Saw handles are wood, cleaned and oiled when needed to complete the vibe, and create the perfection representation of upcycled art. Handaw lengths average between 24" and 29", and 6" tall, and are easily wall-hung with 2 nails.

In addition to plasma cutting metal handsaws into pieces of home decor, Chinn also paints, sculpts, blows glass, and - you gotta see these - carves pencil lead.

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