Metal Core Door Decals

Posted: July 11, 2013
Metal Core Door Decals
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Oooh, I don't need a game controller or a code or critical thinking skills to open these metal core doors. I might even be able to kick them in without risk of shattering multiple bones in my foot. Probably I'd just jam a couple toes. It would totally be worth it for the rush, though. BAM! Inauspicious-looking laboratory door! Open sesame! Aha! I see you've been hiding a nefarious array of empty Hi-C boxes, Twix wrappers, unwashed underwear, and boobies of all kinds except the alive kind!

Four styles of adhesive-backed decals transform boring old doors to bedrooms or mental health counselors' offices into straight-out-of-a-sci-fi-flick metal-cored installations of security and doom. Choose from:

  • Airlock. From a vessel commonly seen in outer space. At least in the Hollywood/XBox version of outer space.
  • Armory. Hey look, a hidden weapons arsenal! Except since I'm saying, "Hey look," it's obviously not hidden.
  • Freight Elevator. The futuristic starship or submarine kind. For the door to my bedroom, of course. Yep, my bedroom sure is in my mom's basement, that's why it's so fitting. What? What's so funny?
  • Lab Door. As mentioned. The perfect cover for a room full of Weird Science-type experimentation materials. Read: boobies.
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