Mainland USA, According to Common Sense

Posted: January 26, 2012
Mainland USA, According to Common Sense
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The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure all of these "jokes" are based on actual statistics from the US Census. The other sad thing is, I bet the 95% of us who couldn't name half of the color blocks when looking at a blank map, could easily score 100% when given the prejudiced hints listed here to help us out. Except maybe Ohio. Ohio is dubbed "Swingers." Can we get a Wikipedia explanation of that one? Aren't there hella Amish in Ohio? I mean, maybe not Pretzelreich quantities of Amish, but you'd think enough to counterbalance Buckeyes' apparent penchant for non-monogamous behavior, in which both partners in a committed relationship agree to engage in decidedly un-Amish activities with other couples for recreational purposes. People of Ohio, what is wrong with wood carving and buggy rides?! Oh...or maybe it's just that the rest of us misinterpreted what those sneaky Amish minxes and gallants actually meant by wood carving and buggy rides....

Rock on, Ohio.

Missouri, Mississippi, don't get any more ideas.

Upgrades to the listed 36" x 24" print of the map on basic poster paper, such as high-gloss paper, archival heavyweight paper, and matte canvas, are available for additional fees. Numerous additional sizes are also available.

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