Lovers Under the Moon Lamp

Posted: May 14, 2021
Lovers Under the Moon Clock
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It's time for summer lovin'. The Lovers Under the Moon Lamp captures that over-the-moon feeling of cuddling up with someone you love, in the quiet of night, surrounded by stars, and watched over by the pizza pie in the sky. And since summer is wedding season, romantic vacation season, and getting a lot of ass season, I thought the Lovers Under the Moon Lamp would be an appropriate feature, and swell gift idea for the special lady or dude in your life.

The snuggling lovers sitting under the lamp's full moon also serve as its touch sensor controls. The sculpture turns the moonlight on and off, as well as cycles it through 3 levels of intensity. This moon uses USB power rather than elemental gases to create its glow, and sits inside a woodgrain shell.

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