Logical Fallacies Poster

Posted: October 05, 2017
Logical Fallacies Poster

The Logical Fallacies Poster! Finally, ladies! A gift for every man you know. And finally, dudes! A gift for every woman you know. Teachers, a wall-mountable token for your students. Constituents, a mailing-tube-shippable reminder for your politicians. The only one here who doesn't need a poster to tell them if their arguments are disjointed, irrational, nonsensical, and outside the laws of logic is the AI in the copy room that's about 4 posts away from taking over my job.

Created by Jesse Richardson, Andy Smith, Som Meaden, and Flip Creative, the Logical Fallacies Poster provides concise explanations of 24 different tactics people use to try to win arguments or prove their point. The tactics can make their presentation of information sound smooth, authoritative, and "good." But as logical fallacies, or patterns of reasoning that fall apart and are rendered invalid when dissected (or expanded upon), those spewing them are really just feeding their audience a big ol' pile of BS. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes not.

Ahem, anyone who posts anything on the internet ever.

The Logical Fallacies Poster is available as a free PDF download, or you can order one in a 16" x 24" and 24" x 36" print.

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