LEGO Building Brick Pillows

Posted: October 06, 2019
LEGO Building Brick Pillows
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The first LEGOs ever that won't make you wince and recoil in pain if you step on them! In fact, foot contact with these plush-stuffed LEGO pillows is encouraged. Arm, back, and butt contact too.

Etsy shop Lumiletters eschews the hard plastic and miniature scaling for squishable cotton-stuffed polyester sized for hugs and lumbar support in their LEGO Building Brick Cushions. I envision myself on the couch watching football with a blue LEGO brick and a vat of chili. The spaces between the pillow's super-sized studs look like the perfect spot to set my bowl, securing it in place and propping it up a few inches closer to my mouth.

And don't let the softness of the LEGO cushions' nubby cylinders fool you. This is still the building brick you want in your hands when it comes time to pillow fight.

LEGO pillows come in red, blue, and yellow, and measure 15.7" cm long x 10.2" wide.

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