Labrador Rug

Posted: November 23, 2020
Labrador Rug
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This Labrador Rug from Lillycrop Design blew my mind when I found it last night. Yes, it was late and I was overtired, but I was neither drunk nor high, and this optical illusion tripped me out. First I was like, "Labrador Rug? Naw, that's a real black Lab." Then I was like, "Well, OK, if it's not real, it's taxidermy. Or at least a 3D stuffed animal." But no, dudes. Look at the next image in the gallery. The Labrador Rug is indeed a Labrador Rug. A two-dimensional puppy carpet you can drape over your furniture, lay out in the kids' room, or cozy up next to your bed.

Or. Or! Use to sike out your living Labrador retriever.

Labrador Rugs come in Chocolate, Golden, and Black. To be clear, they are not made of any real Labrador, or other dog, parts, so you can feel confident you won't get skinned yourself for giving one as a gift for a dog lover.

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