Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holders

Posted: July 06, 2016
Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holders
$30.64 - $33.99
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Rock out with your...keys and fobs secured safely in a Jack Rack so you don't lose or impale yourself with them. A bangin' nod to the guitar amp, Jack Racks are mountable keychain holders with real 1/4" musical input jack keychains that plug into the ports for storage.

Jack Racks model themselves after a variety of amps, both official and stylistic, vintage and modern. Famous amp partnerships include Carvin, Friedman, and ENGL. The Pluginz website recently announced that a Marshall collaboration is coming soon. Styles range from the classic Legato to the head-banging Equalizer.

In addition to keys and EDC items, Jack Racks and their keychains can hold BBQ tools, kitchen utensils, or any other small implements you want to Jack up for display. Racks are made of 1/8" thick injection molded plastic covered in custom Pluginz decals. Each comes with 4 keychains, a wall mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.

The Jack Rack is a top Dude Gift for a Musician pick.

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