I See You Wallpaper

Posted: July 23, 2012
I See You Drawable Wallpaper
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I see you. Whoa. It's like the eyes of TJ Eckleburg, the United States Government, and Mr. Potato Head all rolled into one repeating pattern of staring my shit down. Even though this googly see-socket wallpaper has been designed for the addition of whimsical DIY Sharpie noses, mouths, mohawks, and mullets, I'm still not sure it wouldn't exacerbate my already-precarious levels of paranoia if iMaxed around my bedroom. Or my bathroom, for that matter. Yeah, definitely best to hang I See You in the guest room. I don't usually like the people who sleep in there anyway.

Once affixed, I See You Wallpaper sets no limits, less creativity and steady handedness, to the artistic expression of kiddies and grown ass men alike. It measures 27" wide x 15' long per roll. The varying-positioned eyeball pattern repeats itself every 9" x 6". Vendor Cavern requires a 2-roll minimum per order.

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