Howling Wolf Incense Burner

Posted: January 02, 2014
Howling Wolf Incense Burner
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"I LOVE this. I was worried this would look tacky or cheap, but it really is awesome looking. Pleasantly surprised. Goes great with other wolf bathroom accessories I have." Thank you, Amazon reviewer Adelaide. Your assessment pretty much eliminates all reservations I had about purchasing a howling wolf incense burner, which were:

1. What if it looks tacky or cheap in person?

2. What if it is not awesome looking in person?

3. What if I am not pleasantly surprised?

4. What if it does not go great with the other wolf bathroom accessories I have?

5. What if I don't LOVE it?

I'm so stoked I can stop agonizing over my cavalcade of "What ifs", and just bask in the anticipation of receiving a wolf that howls puffs of smoke and makes my room smell like an earthy melange of sandalwood, Arabian spice, and Gandalf's breath.

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