Her Side / His Side Duvet

Posted: November 01, 2015
Her Side / His Side Duvet

While I can say I'm not the sort of dude who would put up with his girlfriend installing this ridiculous, emasculating duvet on his bed, I'm afraid I cannot say I'm not the sort of dude who would put up with his girlfriend divvying the bed into these disproportionate His Side / Her Side allotments during actual use. Yeah, that's right. She-Ra: Princess of Power is a bed hog. And I surrender the territory. But listen, she has sharp fingernails, she's twitchy, and I'm a back sleeper. My facial and crotchal areas are too exposed to retaliate in bed.

On the bed though, that's where I draw the line. No way am I broadcasting my sad reality to the world. And I'd encourage any man whose wife or girlfriend comes home with this demeaning bedspread to reject it, tell her to turn around and take it right back to whatever dark corner of the Internet she got it from.

And if she refuses, I recommended "accidentally" letting the dog jump on Her Side / His Side with muddy paws or the kid with a fat load in his diaper, and the problem should take care of itself.

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