Handmade Walnut Cigar Ashtrays

Posted: March 01, 2019
Handmade Walnut Cigar Ashtrays
$74 - $175
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Corkcicle has taken care of the snazziest way to hold your cigar while smoking it, and Uneake the most elegant and masculine place to tap your cigar while ashing it. Their cigar ashtrays are all made in Texas, hand-carved and finished in walnut wood. Designs range from modern, such as the Urbane and Escher ashtrays, to classic with the Celtic and Churchill pieces, to ancient with the Azteca (above) and Kingsford.

Even if he doesn't partake in the puffing, Uneake's Walnut Cigar Ashtrays could make a nice gift for a man purely for their unique look and aesthetic appeal as a piece of home or office decor.

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