Hand Sanitizer Christmas Tree Ornament

Posted: November 11, 2020
Hand Sanitizer Christmas Tree Ornament
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What would be really great is if there were some actual hand sanitizer inside this Hand Sanitizer Christmas Tree Ornament, because I'm about to run out.

What is really great is that Hand Sanitizer Christmas Tree Ornament maker, the Old World Christmas Store, has this to say about their blown glass holiday nod to 2020: "Our Hand Sanitizer Ornament will add a beautiful, elegant touch to any Christmas tree or to accent the decorations within your home." Yes indeed. A beautiful and elegant reminder of our frantic hoarding amidst a global pandemic, and the COVID19 virus that could kill us. In fact, I'd say the blown glass Hand Sanitizer Christmas Tree Ornament's beauty and elegance is perhaps second only to the Old World Christmas Store's blown glass Toilet Paper Christmas Tree Ornament.

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