Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments

Posted: December 09, 2022
Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments
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Make Christmas spectacularly silver (-haired) and Golden (Girls) this year with a set of glass Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments. Head-to-toe you'll get Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia in moderate facial likenesses, and 10/10 outfit replicas. Certainly there's no doubt which magnificent Miami retirees the 4 ladies in the set are meant to represent.

Even separately, which is also a purchasing option if you have a favorite sassy senior, I - a dude who definitely never watched The Golden Girls with his grandma, and only even knows about them via memes and pop culture - could easily identify Sophia and Dorothy. Probably Ms. Nylund and Ms. Devereaux too, but they're a little more generic elderly in their ornamental appearance. No offense to Ms. Devereaux, who I'd never describe as "generic" or "elderly," or anything but a GILF in real life.

Dorothy Zbornak fans can get the DZ solo here. Sophia Patrillo loyals, find her here. Stans of St. Olaf's finest Rose, here she is. And those crushing on Blanche-y like this dude, click here.

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