FluoroSphere Fluorescent Light Show

Posted: February 15, 2023
FluoroSphere Fluorescent Light Show
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My dudes, my kids, my psilocybin partakers, meet the FluoroSphere. It's not exactly a magic ball, but it's certainly a magical ball, filled with water and UV-reactive FluoroGel that creates an enthralling fluorescent light show of whirls and swirls worthy of a celestial event. You might compare it to a lava lamp, but where the 70s ambience icon is relatively one note - or rather, several blobs - in its function, the FluoroSphere produces a different visual spectacle every time you turn it on.

Made by PyroFarms, the FluoroSphere is a 6" glass orb with a silicone stopper and flat bottom that allows it to sit on a USB-powered light base. Once filled with water, users add a few drops of included red and / or green FluoroGel to the sphere, turn it on, and behold the scientific wonder of the gel dissolving in the water, and absorbing / reflecting the blue light from the UV-lit base.

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