Fluffy Wall Art

Posted: July 05, 2023
Fluffy Wall Art
$153 - $344
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Can't get a puppy or a cat? How about a pettable Mona Lisa, a soft 'n' silky Scream, or a furry Starry Night instead? Fluffy Wall Art turns masterpieces of fine art into masterpieces of fluff art, with the artists of UK-based Kahove using dyed faux fur in place of paint to create replicas of da Vinci's, Munch's, and van Gogh's celebrated works.

Fluffy Scream, Fluffy Night, and Fluffy Mona Lisa come in your choice of 31.5" x 21.3" or 47.2" x 31.5" sizes. All have lustrous fur extending about 2" out from their canvases.That's about the same length as the wall-to-wall shag carpeting my mama used to have in her bathroom, and if the Fluffy Wall Art feels as good running between your fingers as that did between my toes, we are all in for a real decorative treat.

Oh, and if you're wondering if turning wall art tactile is going to set it up for a speedy ruin, don't worry. Kahove includes "a comb to adjust the fur after someone has stroked it" with every purchase. So feel free to add a sign next to your Fluffy Scream, Fluffy Night, or Fluffy Mona Lisa: "Please do touch the art."

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