Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Poster

Posted: June 25, 2022
Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Poster
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An Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Poster, now that's a great way to ensure you know exactly what kind of sandwich you're eating whenever you eat a sandwich. And also to ensure you're always eating a sandwich, because who can look at the Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Poster, and not immediately start craving a homemade BLT, Italian Beef Hoagie from Pappy's Deli, or Falafel Pita from Aladdin's Gyro-cery?

This glorious compilation of bread, meat, cheese, and condiments contains vintage-ish drawings of 40 different iconic sandwiches, set above each sandwich's name, and a brief description of its ingredients. The poster is printed edge-to-edge, no borders, and arrives unframed in your choice of 12" x 18", 20" x 30", and 24" x 36" sizes.

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