Eicher Glass Handblown Glass Snakes

Posted: January 16, 2022
Eicher Glass Handblown Glass Snakes
$59.99 - $299.99
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Ryan Eicher makes glass snakes. Or, if you will, glassssssssnakes. Some are simple figurines, pieces of desktop decor, but many of the mesmerizing, technicolor designs are wearable as pendants, or dangle-able from your rearview mirror. Some too are single runs, so if you see a serpent that strikes your fancy, better strike fast or you'll strike out.

You're welcome for the sibilance.

The Eicher Glass snake pictured above is a collaboration with @bowlpusher. It contains gold and silver fuming, and small quantities of precious metal, heated to their evaporation points to "smoke" the glass and create its design. A sparkly blue glass base is responsible for the Garden of Eden greens in the snake.

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