Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket

Posted: September 28, 2022
Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket
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So, the dinosaur foot of this Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket from Regal Robot is huge. Maybe even life-size, depending on which dinosaur they've taxidermied to make the trash can. But the actual garbage container, the liner inside? Tiny. I don't think it could hold even an hour's worth of Kleenex from my Fall allergies, or my napkins from a single Taco Tuesday. Not that I want to be digging trash out of T-Rex's toe cavities or anything, but if I'm going to take up half my office footprint with...a foot...then I'd at least like it to accommodate a week's worth of 32-ounce coffee cups and a few Pringles cans.

The Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket - which you can also request color finishing to look more like a Dragon Foot Waste Basket, if that's your giant reptilian beast preference - is made for Regal Robot by theme prop artist Richard Riley. If you're not so interested in using it for your trash, you can also request customization for a Dinosaur / Dragon Foot Planter or Dinosaur / Dragon Foot Umbrella Holder.

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