Custom Zombie Portraits

Posted: February 09, 2012
Custom Zombie Portraits
$125 - $200
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Wonder what you'd look like as a zombie, but not quite enough to find one to turn you? Irish artist Roisin McAuley can satisfy your morbid curiosity without the common side effects of undeadness, brain deadness, and perpetual dripping of gooey innards. For under $100 no less. Send her a photo and she'll turn your dashing, vibrant mug into a twisted, bloody, 6" x 9" acrylic horror show.

Portraits are hand painted and mounted on a black card with a 1-inch border for framing. After ordering and forwarding the head shot you want immortalized, McAuley will email you a rough draft of the portrait within 8 days for approval or change requests. For an upcharge, larger portrait sizes are also available.

An undead piece of personalized art is definitely the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, but don't forget that saying "I love you" with an everlasting display of morbidity and early 21st century pop culture is also a gesture of romance and adoration suitable for any of the 365 days in a year.

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