CovoBox Hidden Storage - Real Books Electronics Covers

Posted: February 28, 2021
CovoBox Hidden Storage - Real Books Electronics Covers
$21 - $580
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CovoBox electronics covers, real books that have been hacked off and glued to sneaky storage boxes of all sizes and configurations, capitalize on a trend I didn't even know existed until I lost a bet and had to watch a home decorating show with my wife: filling your bookshelves with books - real, intact books - you've bought in bulk that all follow some specified color scheme.

Like, people have made a business out of hoarding books and separating them into shades of blue, red, yellow, green, whatever so other people can buy them to create color coordinated home decor. No one's even read the books! They're just there because their cover designers happened to choose the perfect shade of teal green! What is this world coming to?!

At least with CovoBox hiders of cords and routers and other electronics crap I don't even notice on the shelf but my wife thinks is ugly, the books we haven't read serve a more functional purpose. Of course, in this case, the poor novels and biographies and Julia Child cookbooks have been sawed off to about 2" from their spines to allow space for creator Covogoods to fit wood storage boxes behind them.

But all this book repurposing that doesn't involve reading their words does have an eco-friendly upside: Covogoods, and I'd imagine a lot of interior designers who use books as Roy G Biv decor, get their materials from the piles of books no one wants. Those used in CovoBox's hidden storage products are rescued from the piles headed to landfills.

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