Champagne Bottle Balloon Kit

Posted: December 09, 2022
Champagne Bottle Balloon Kit
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An 88-piece Champagne Bottle Balloon Kit you can inflate and use to decorate down the stairs, up the wall, arcing over the window, any which way you want?! This DIY decor looks like a job for...not this dude. Uh-uh. No, way, Mama. I don't care if you want a giant replica of exploding bubbles as the centerpiece for your garden club's New Year's Eve party. I already agreed to accept a Snowcaster Snow Pusher as one of my Christmas gifts. I'm drawing the line at blowing up and hanging 88 frickin' balloons in an "artful display" you and all your lady friends are just going to critique and make me do over 88 times.

Anyone else throwing a New Year's Eve party, though, feel free to test your decorating skills - and lung power - and ring in 2023 with a festive Champagne Bottle Balloon Kit.

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