Cardboard Airships by Jeroen van Kesteren

Posted: October 18, 2018
Cardboard Airships by Jeroen van Kesteren

Cardboard airships. Now there's an idea for how to recycle all those boxes I get from Amazon. I'll have to fly Jeroen van Kesteren over from the Netherlands to build them for me though since I'm pretty sure the only piece of art I could cut and shape out of a cardboard box is...a smaller cardboard box.

van Kesteren manages to create these 16" to 20" airships with striking detail and an overall effect that is truly fantastic (and fantastical) out of mere cardboard and paper. Pieces incorporate elements of dieselpunk and steampunk victorian flying machines, with each taking him about a month to build. Finished ships joining the ranks of his "Orphanage for Lost Adventures" on Pinterest.

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